DE Learn how to read a lace knitting chart

Level: Advanced

Have you ever wondered how to read a lace chart? It's true that they can seem like a challenge, but hopefully with our tutorial you can brave any complicated pattern!

When knitting lace for the first time, learning how to read a lace chart can feel like a significant barrier. With complicated stitch glossaries that look like hieroglyphics and whatever a "no stitch" is, it's no surprise that some knitters give up before they even start. We put together a video with captions (though you can turn the volume up to listen, too) to help you understand how to read a lace chart. Have a look above at the tutorial. 

We've created some simple lace charts to explain what a no stitch is, how to understand the stitch glossary, and what side to read the chart from whether you're knitting flat or in the round. We've also included some common lace stitches, yarn overs and decreases. There's also an explanation about why lace knitting works, and the general concepts behind the art of creating drapey, lacy fabric. 

 We hope this video tutorial will help you learn how to read a lace chart, and send you on your way to tackle the lace patterns of your dreams. Maybe you can even knit a lace wedding shawl, or a gauzy scarf for a chic evening.


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